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General Practitioner Services

* All patients are entitled to have a chaperone with them for any appointment.
* Chaperones can be a family member, friend, or a member of staff.
* If you want a member of staff to accompany you during your visit, please let the receptionist know when you arrive for your appointment.

Full Skin Checks

We offer Full Skin Checks at our clinic. 30 Minute appointments. 
For Registered Patients $125.00
For Non Registered Patients $150.00

Free Child Consultations

We offer FREE consultations to all our enrolled Children under Thirteen years of age from their date of enrolment.

General Medical Consultations

Our usual appointments are 15 minutes and are for general medical problems. You will need to book for an extended consult if you have any of the following:
• Multiple health issues
• More than one person attending the consultation
• A smear and a consult for another issue
• Minor surgery
• Immigration medicals
• Insurance or other medicals
• Other issues that either you or the Doctor think may need extra time

Please check with our receptionists when you are booking to ensure enough time is allocated for your appointment. There is an additional charge for an extended consult which is $100.00.

General Nurse Consultations

Our Nurses are highly qualified and an important part of our practice. You can book to see the nurse for a variety of appointments.
• Childhood immunisations
• Adult immunisations
• Travel vaccines (except Yellow Fever)
• Flu vaccines
• Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Assessments
• Asthma and COPD Assessments
• Blood pressure checks
• Ear syringing
• Health education for those patients with long term conditions
• Dressings
• Triaging you if you are unwell


ACC Consultations

You can come in and see us for any ACC consultations. We are able to stitch wounds and apply dressings. If you have been to a hospital, or an accident and emergency clinic when you first injured yourself, we will need you to bring in your ACC details.


After Hours Care

If you have an Emergency Please Phone 111.
When you phone Sunset Road Family Doctors after hours or when we are closed the phone will be answered by a Registered Nurse. The nurse will be able to provide advice and reassurance and give you information about after hours care if it is required.

If you need medical care after hours when we are closed, please go to your nearest Accident and Medical Clinic or go to ShoreCare.
ShoreCare ph 0800 746 732   website

North Shore Hospital Phone 09 486-8900  / 09 486 8930  / 0800 80 93 42.


Immunisations and Vaccinations

Childhood Immunisations

These are done at various stages.

• 6 weeks (This will require an appointment with your Doctor for your baby’s six week check. Then an appointment with the nurse afterwards for the immunisations.
• 3 months
• 5 months
• 15 months
• 4 years
• 11 years
• 12 years

You will be required to wait for twenty minutes after any immunisation. These must be booked before 4pm for this reason.
Please note we are also able to immunise your child against chickenpox and rotavirus. However these vaccines are not funded by the government so will incur a charge. Talk to your Doctor or Nurse about these immunisations. Please see national immunisation register for more information.


Adult Immunisations

It is recommended that adults have booster vaccines for Tetanus and Diptheria at ages 45 and 65 years and after any wound, if your vaccinations are not up to date. It is also recommended that a boostrix vaccine, which includes Tetanus/Diphtheria/Whooping cough should be given to those who think they will have contact with new born or unimmunised children, ie Pregnant women, new parents or grandparents etc. Please read more about Pertussis (Whooping Cough). You will be required to wait for twenty minutes after any immunisation. Please see the Ministry of Health for more information.


Flu Vaccinations

These are available from March through to the end of July/August. These are free for patients over 65, or patients who have certain illnesses or chronic conditions. If you do not qualify for a free vaccination, you can still have a flu vaccine. Please book with one of our nurses. If you are unsure if you qualify for a free vaccination, please feel free to phone and ask one of our nurses.


Travel Vaccines

Before you go traveling check out the risks to you and your family and discuss your travel plans with our team.


Screening Services

Screening - Breast Screening

It is important that a breast examination and mammogram are carried out on a regular basis. The aim of breast cancer screening is to find very small cancers before a lump can be felt in the breast. Early treatment has the best chance of success. If you are aged 45-69yr you can register with Breast Screen Aotearoa for free 2 yearly mammograms. You can book an appointment with your Doctor for a breast examination and they will refer you for a mammogram. Alternatively you can contact Breast Screen Aotearoa on 0800 270 200, or you can txt 'breastscreen' to 4040. Please go to The National Screening Unit website for more information.


Screening - Cervical Smears

All women who have ever been sexually active should have regular cervical smear tests from the time they turn 20 until they turn 70. The best way to reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer is to have regular cervical smear tests every three years. Please go to The National Screening Unit website for more information. You can book to have your smear with either your Doctor or a Nurse. If you choose to have your cervical smear done by one of our nurses, the consultation is cheaper. Gardisal vaccinations are also available as a preventative for HPV infection. However it is only funded for certain age groups, so there may be a charge. Read more information.


Screening - Diabetes and Cardiovascular Checks (CVD)

Patients with certain conditions are entitled to free Diabetes or CVD checks. These checks include healthy eating and lifestyle advice, blood tests and blood pressure checks. Please advise the receptionist if you are booking for these checks so you can be sent a blood test form prior to the appointment.


Screening Well Child Check

These are done at 6 weeks prior to your child’s immunisations. This check is to make sure that your child is physically well and meeting developmental milestones.


Nursing Services

Asthma Assessments

If you or your child suffers from asthma, you can see one of our specially trained nurses for a free Asthma assessment. This is a really good way to see if your asthma is under control and you are on the correct medication.



The nurses are able to do your dressings for you at our clinic. Whether it is after surgery or you have had an accident and require regular dressings to your wound.


Blood Pressure Checks

You can book in to see the nurse for your blood pressure to be checked.


Medicals & Procedures

Immigration Medicals

From April 1st Sunset Road Family Doctors will be doing e-Medicals for Immigration New Zealand.
You will need to book in to see the nurse for twenty minutes to complete medical history, photos and blood tests. After you have completed your xrays and bloods you will see the Doctor for 30 minute appointment to complete the medical examination. Allow a day between appointments for processing of blood and xray results, because the doctor needs these results to complete the consultation.
What you will need to bring with you
• Immigration Reference Number (if you have been allocated one) – including laboratory test and xray forms
• Passport
At your first appointment we will complete additional Passport photos to accompany your e-Medical and passport details.

From April 1st 2015, the fee we charge is inclusive of the cost of blood tests, pre-consultation with the nurse, doctor consultation and photograph and a follow-up appointment for signing off the medical.

The e-medical does not include any treatment for abnormalities that may be found. If there are abnormal finding you will need to seek care at your usual GP clinic.


Minor Surgery

Doctor Patti Piper can perform minor surgical procedures. These include
• Mole removal
• Ingrown toenail excision
• Skin cancer surgery
• Excision of cysts, warts and skin tags
We also perform minor surgical procedures with a surgitron machine which reduces bleeding and the need for stitches.


Other Services

Repeat Prescriptions

PHONE:  You can phone and leave a message with our nurses for a repeat prescription.  24 hours’ notice must be given, otherwise an increased charge for a same day script will be incurred.

EMAIL:  You can now also email your prescription request directly to the nurse at [email protected]. Please make sure you email your request before 2pm for your prescription to be ready the following afternoon. Urgent or same day prescriptions must be phoned through to the nurse!
Please DO NOT email requests for medical advice as we are unable to answer these through email.


Repeat prescriptions will only be done for medications previously prescribed by one of our doctors. Usually you will be able to get a repeat for every second prescription. If you want your prescription to be faxed to a pharmacy, please make sure to leave the address and fax number of the pharmacy in your message. This is to ensure that your prescription gets to the correct pharmacy. Please note, some medications you will not be able to get a repeat prescription for without seeing your doctor first.


Test Results?

We will inform you of any abnormal test results. If you are concerned please phone the nurse.


Services No Longer Provided by Us

Before School Checks

We unfortunately lost our funding for this valuable service. This free consultation for 4 year olds is now delivered by Plunket Nurses - please contact your local Plunket Nurse. This consultation is designed to pick up any health or developmental issues that may affect your child when they start school. This appointment requires a 30 minute appointment with the nurse.


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